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Artist Statement

artist statement

My illustrations are interpretive takes of fictional narrative spaces that fuse the rules of reality and the energy of the imagined. Many of my works begin with my own questions about “how did this situation come to be?”, “what exactly is being experienced here?” and “what will happen afterward?”, questions I hope to pass on to the viewer as they take in my pieces through their own lens. 

I challenge myself to create works out of the joy of experimentation, whether that involves personal work or client-based work. I enjoy incorporating geometric pieces and figurative imagery, infusing them with graphical elements as a striking visual contrast between illustration, typography, and graphic design. I favor a bold composition style highlighted with contrasting colors, with a great deal of emphasis on the concept of the relationship between a subject and the environment around them. 

I draw much of my inspiration from art history, from the ornamental decadence of baroque artists to the energetic compositions of pop art artists. I am also inspired by all forms of fiction found in books, television shows, and movies.



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