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My name is Angella, and I'm an independent artist who specializes in digital art and graphic design. I experiment with multiple tools; from traditional media, digital programs, to coding. I love learning about new techniques to bring into my multidisciplinary work.

Photo Credit: Nancy O'Toole, Ryan Ivy, Dezmond Ardis Photography

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Angella's Story

Angella Kilabo is a Chicago-based illustrator with a passion for the bold, the complex, and the energetic. An enthusiastic learner at heart, Kilabo studied art at length at Harper College, CG Master Academy, and graduated with a B.F.A in Illustration summa cum laude from Northern Illinois University in the Fall of 2021.

A child of Ugandan immigrants, Kilabo’s first taste for art expressed itself in messy crayons, markers, and paint smeared across the pristine white walls of her mother’s apartment. Over time Kilabo's tools upgraded to pencil and paper, inks and charcoals, and programs such as Adobe Photoshop and ZBrush. 

Kilabo works in a bold combination of the illustrative, figurative, graphical, and geometric. With a great love of line-work, contrasting colors, and integrated typography, Kilabo energetically experiments with the fictional and the decorative.


B.F.A. in Illustration from Northern Illinois University, summa cum laude

Consistent Dean's Honor List & President's Honor List Recipient at Harper College & NIU, 2015 - 2021

Where to Find Me

Have an idea you'd like me to be a part of? Just want to chat? Let's connect!



instagram: @OneGoldnSun


twitter: @OneGoldnSun

tumblr: @OneGoldnSun

twitch: @OneGoldnSun

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